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2.Remember, fear’s a relic

Easy tiger
Don’t you show your claws to me; remember daddy? My sweet son!
Get real
Can’t you see that I am not the threat you worry?
So come round

Come on stop acting like a child
Come on stop weeping like a clown
Come on stop shaking like a branch
Remember, fear’s a relic from your-

Stand up and show me who’s the man
I’m sure I raised a father’s son
Don’t be a pussy like a cat
Remember, fear’s a relic from your-

Feel your power
Feel your individual world, now show the people your opinion
Ignore the parts
People are just electrons that try to magnetize the pinion

Come on I’m all the friend you need
Accept their fate to rot and bleed
My wings are warming up your ears
Remember, fear’s a relic from your-

Go on, show them who’s the sly
Go on, prove me you’re fertile
Go on, hide whenever you cry
Remember, fear’s a relic from your
Daddy’s love…

I’m Marjory, I was offered a sweet apple in a case
I reached it but my new mum slammed the lid upon my face
I’m Little Mermaid, I just loved a prince so Sea Witch made me walk
and danced for him but finally threw myself from the rocks

Welcome child
This is now your new home, you will be exposed to our material
Think brave
Here is where the wisdom comes and joins the terror of experience

Come on, no need to over-think
Come on, no need to over-read
Come on, no need to over-seek
Remember fear’s a relic from your-
Look down and focus not to weep
Look down and wish I’d spare the wip
Look down and learn what comes with wit
and Remember fear’s a relic from your
Mommy’s love…

I’m prince’s wife, I tried to offer Beauty’s offspring as a dish
So burned alive although he’d raped her while she was asleep.
I’m the granny of Red-Riding-Hood; awaiting her to come
A black wolf showed instead and poured my blood into a glass


Nah nah nah nah nah…

I’m a sitting duck, a trigger is released and I just wait…