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7. The Fall Of Bliss

Sleep tight, ease your thoughts
Dream light, rest in warmth
I am here, I will guard, you are safe

I’ll sing, I’ll narrate
I’ll build a cozy cage
Arms for bars, love for locks, free for air

Suns arise, lights of fear
The face of lies approach t
oo near
I must leave, I must feast, the fall of bliss

Join hands
Join minds
Join hearts
Free your sight
Burn the flags
Lift your arms
Lift your shouts
Lift the change
Lit the fire
Light the flame

Let drown in remorse
If none, proven cause
Cry we win, cry
they fall, weep with rain

Leave your house, leave your job
Leave your needs, leave your clones
are one, common breath, we are the whole 

(Nikitas Kissonas)