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5. Track The Saviours

The fire escapes on roof of past mistakes
The evidence was proof of what it takes
To balance on your own and see what you can own
of what is sacrificed

The killer runs in awe of what’s achieved
The smile is gone along with child belief
The word is ruled by numbs whose boredom let the throne of ego build a crown

The innocence of children playing with joy
Transforms into aggressiveness to toys
Then problem starts with “why” but ends when they decide that solving’s hard to figure

The clouds of questions gathered on the ground
The rain of
answers waters warms of prouds
The sun is reining sky, the earth surrenders in time of human mental dryness

The game’s afoot but I don’t need to play
The naked stand on shadow spelling pray
The hunting’s on the move an
d I just got into the mood for tracking saviours

Track the saviours! 

(Nikitas Kissonas)