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3. Those Howling Wolves

Doomed are seeds without a field
Scareless crows with hunger fear
A man weak to interfere
With a solid wish to rest

Little shadow hides in fear
Protects itself from a ligh
tening tear
That dropped from the sky like a cloudy sphere
That tried to block the stars

Show me your passion and I shall build a wall of truth
I shall kill those howling wolves that cry
, ‘Our love was ended soon”
And nail my obsession to that wall with nails of ice
Let my cry disguise my soul into a fractured way of life

Roots have climbed up to the leaves
Blood flows out on to the skin
Fire escapes hell and heads f
or sea
My dream reacts as real

I wake alone in darkness nude
My eyes get wet, they lack your view
They face the unexpected clues
The silent state of doom

Save our love by saving crying
Threaten the wind by voicing high
Bury the mist that hides your eyes
Beat your heart against the palm

Wait until the years have passed
Wait until my heart exp
I’ll be left here with frozen tears in eyes
But please my love then, only then say… Goodbye! 

(Nikitas Kissonas)